My brother is awesome. Also, wtf?

It’s been warming up for the past few days, which means I had plenty of company while doing my rounds this morning. Butterscotch, as usual, wanted to be carried, while three others followed along.

Then Keith caught up to me. 😀

This is how he asks to be picked up.

He is just the sweetest, most gentle, loving cuddler of the bunch.

While I was doing my rounds, my phone somehow managed to get enough signal for some texts from my brother to come in, following up on a conversation from yesterday.

My amazing, wonderful brother.

Yesterday, during my daughter’s short shift, I stayed in town, as has become my custom. My brother and his wife remembered this, so they made the trip out to meet me at a coffee shop, just to hang out and visit and get caught up on things. It was so great to see them!

Just before we were going to head out so I could pick up my daughter, I had another surprise. Two guys walked into the coffee shop and got in line, and I found myself thinking, wow, that looks like so-and-so (an old friend from high school), but it can’t be him, because he’s in the hospital right now.

Then he saw me. We probably had matching expressions of “hey, that person looks familiar, but why would they be here?” before we both decided that yes, we really were seeing who we thought we were seeing! 😀 It turns out his buddy sprung him from the hospital for the day. If they had come in just a couple of minutes later, we would have missed each other entirely! So it was great to catch up with him, too, and that he was able to get out of the hospital for at least a few hours.

As for my brother and his wife, we got to catch up on all kinds of things, including talking about the farm and some of the things that need to be done there, from cleaning up that old trailer that now has wheels and painting it, to how we are managing with the well pump until we are able to replace it, and so much more.

I so love their company! 🙂

Then, several hours later, my brother texted me with a surprise.

On their way home, they stopped at a hardware store. He saw a deep well pump like what we need – and was able to get a discounted price – so he bought it for us! With so many things using up any wiggle room we have in our budget, we would not have been able to get one ourselves for some time. Plus, my brother knows exactly what kind of pump to get, whereas I’d be second guessing myself. We’ll pay him back, of course, but this way, a new pump is ready and waiting. He will even be able to install it for us! It might be a while before he can come out to do that, but that’s fine. We are just having to make sure not to run water too fast, so the psi doesn’t drop to zero like is has been.

He is so awesome! If it weren’t for him and his wife, living here would be so much more difficult, that’s for sure!

Meanwhile, I’ve been looking ahead to see when I should take my mom’s car out to drive around, get some miles on it before getting the new tires torqued, and listen for that noise. I wanted to see if taking it out on a warmer day would make a difference.

Check out our long range forecast.

Just look at what we’re supposed to get tomorrow (Tuesday).

Yesterday, it was saying a high of -2C (28F) and a low of -28C (-18F). Now it’s saying -1C (30F) for a high, and -30C (-22F) for the low!

We’re supposed to drop by 29 degrees (or 52 degrees in F) in a single day! Less than that, actually, since we’re not supposed to reach our high until 4pm, but hit the low of -30C at 8pm, so only 4 hours! As if that’s not extreme enough, the wind chill is supposed to be -43C (-45F)

I’ll admit, this is preferable to the polar vortex we had last winter, but wtf???

So I think I’ll make a point of driving my mom’s car around tomorrow, before the deep freeze hits!

Thankfully, we don’t have to do any other driving again until the weekend, and by then, it’ll be warming up again.

The Re-Farmer

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