New Addition?

It was my turn to do the evening cat routine last night. This includes going into the sun room to top up the food and water for the outside cats, as well as cleaning out the two litter pans we have out there.

As usual, once they heard me in there, cats started streaming in. Two-Face was already there, and I was soon joined by Keith. Then Big Jim and Keith came in and…

… wait


There was another orange cat with white on its chest.

This was the best picture I could get of him. Unlike Keith, he’s got a white patch on his nose, too.

He was a very hungry kitty, and friendly enough to let me pet him at the same time. Big Jim was completely comfortable having him there.

One of my daughters later went into the sun room to visit the cats and see if she could recognize him.

We think it might be little Bobby, Big Jim’s brother. We haven’t seen Bob in months, but were pretty sure he had a different face shape, but there are other orange cats, with a bit of white on them, from our brood that have not been around for a long time. Could it be one of those, from two winters ago?

I ended up going through photos of the cats last winter, only to find that, while I had lots of pictures of the outside cats, only a few of them had photos of them individually, or where I could see distinguishing details. I did find one of Bobby, sitting in the sun room and looking right at the camera, but none of the pictures I got last night showed our newcomer’s face well enough to do a decent comparison.

Whoever he is, he is a much friendlier and more welcome addition than the visiting toms.

Keith, of course, wanted cuddles! 😀

Some hours later, the girls heard a ruckus and went outside to see what was going on. Nicky the Nose – the only one of the visiting toms that still comes by these days – had chased our new addition up a tree and wasn’t letting him down. 😦

While they were out there, Keith, of course, wanted cuddles.

Keith is now indoors.

He’s next in line for a date with the vet. Unlike Susan, who is still indoors only because her shaved belly fur isn’t growing back, he will be staying. If Cheddar hadn’t impaled himself on a stick, requiring him to be indoors as he recovered from getting it removed (then got adopted by the other cats), Keith is the one we all would have chosen to come indoors. He is just the sweetest kitty!

As I write this, he is closed up in my office/craft room/bedroom with me, settled in a corner of my closet. For now, we are keeping the other cats away from him. He is just too gentle of a cat to handle their rambunctious curiosity. Including from his own brother, David. He prefers humans to other cats, anyhow. So we are doing things differently with him, letting him settle in, little by little, and spending a lot more time giving him individual attention.

He spent the night hiding in my closet, but he was okay with me picking him up, starting to purr as I held him. I’d showed him the food and water bowls and litter earlier, but he’d gone back to his hidey-hole without using any of them. This time, after holding him a while, I sat on the bed with him and, once he was okay with that, eventually lay back. This changed how he could lie on me, and eventually he slithered off me and into the crook of my arm, happily cuddling all the way. After about a minute, he started to stretch and slither and creep further away, closer to where the food and water was sitting. Finally, he slithered off the bed and started to eat. Yay!

I had to go and do my outside routine after that, and he was back in his corner in the closet by the time I returned.

I think my plans for the day are going to change a bit. 🙂

I am such a suck.

The Re-Farmer

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