Colder temps and signs of furry visitors

It was a bit perplexing, looking at the weather forecasts over the past few days. We’d have these lovely temperatures, hovering just a bit below freezing, while the app was saying it was cold.

A few days ago, I could at least blame the wind chill…

There is no new snow in those streams blowing across the road in this picture. This is just what’s being blown off the fields.

Now, imagine this in the spring or summer, except with soil.

This sort of thing is why no-till seeding is such a big deal on the prairies! 😀

When checking the forecasts last night, I kept seeing the “cold spell will continue until…” but the temperatures weren’t that low, and there was hardly any wind. Even looking at the hourly forecasts, the predictions were were temperatures barely below freezing, and almost no wind chill.

Then there was this morning.

According to my app, we’d dropped to -16C (3F), with a “real feel” of -25C (-13F). Yeah, that’s quite a drop! So I bundled up.

They lied.

It was quite pleasant out there, and I barely felt a breeze!

Believe me. This is not a complaint! 😀

The funny thing was, the hourly forecast was still saying it’d be warmer and, given what time I was checking the conditions, would have meant a rise of 7C in about 10 minutes. 😀

We do have a thermometer outside. It is set up just outside the window of what was my dad’s bedroom, so he could easily see it from his chair. That spot is pretty sheltered, though, and tends to reach much warmer than the actual temperature.

I should set another one up outside the living room window or something.

It was rather pleasant while I was doing my rounds, and I had plenty of kitty company. I also saw signs of visitors on the ground.

The deer don’t usually go by the south fence, but when they do, they like to use the foot paths I’ve made while doing my rounds.

From the looks of all those hoof prints where they jump the fence, I could see we had another busy night!

I’ve moved the new trail cam to another tree. I wanted to get away from the fence post that was in the middle of it. This is actually a security camera for us (recording all the deer is just bonus!), and I noticed that it wasn’t being triggered at times when I knew it should have been. The fence post might be part of the problem. The main reason I hadn’t used the tree I’ve moved it to before was because of low hanging branches. So checking the files this morning was my chance to see if those were a problem.

There was no wind last night, so for now it seems to be fine. There wasn’t enough non-deer traffic for me to judge if the motion sensor issue was fixed.

What I did see was another 35 files of deer going back and forth! This time, more of them were seen during daylight hours – including the ones I’d startled away from the feeding station when I started my rounds this morning. 🙂

One thing about having those daylight visits is that we can see how skinny some of the deer are. This is a lean time of year for them, and it’s no wonder they are coming by here, even for the small amount of feed we’re able to put out for them. A bit of a snack is better than nothing!

I’m glad we are able to do at least that much for them. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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