The snow was gone in a lot of places before the storm hit a couple of days ago. I could even see green grass through last year’s thatch. So it was no surprise that we’ve seen virtually no deer. Even in the trail cam facing where they cross the road to our place went from streams of dozens of deer to … nothing. In just a couple of days.

With snow falling pretty much continually for the past two days, all the yards and gardens were covered with a pristine white blanket.

Yesterday evening, we saw three skittish deer making their way to the feeding station. They didn’t really get much to eat, as something spooked them and they ran off. They were the first deer to visit us since before the snow fell.

This is what I found this morning.

Tracks, everywhere!

The area around the feeding station was torn up as they dug through the snow to get at the seeds below (which a couple of cats took advantage of. 😀 ). From the heavy trails through the garden and trees on the west side, more came and went from that direction than from along the spruce grove to the east. The east yard was full of tracks as they headed towards the barn as well. Tracks went through the spruce grove as well, and my rounds had be going past where a couple of them jumped the south fence to cross the driveway to the old hay yard.

It should be interesting when I check the trail cam files. That will wait until I come back from town after dropping my daughter off at work.

For now, I have to grab a shovel and clear the plow ridge. The snow was soft enough, we didn’t bother clearing the driveway, but the wall of snow at the road is something else entirely!

The Re-Farmer

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