Mama and her boys

I had company while doing my rounds this morning!

I did not expect Butterscotch to come waddling over to catch up with me. Gosh, she is getting so big! She even let me carry her for a while.

Her boys will be a year old at the start of next month, if I remember correctly.

After dropping my daughter off at work and, if all goes well, dropping off a little Easter care package for my mother, I hope to find more dry cat kibble. We’re starting to run low faster than we should. Several mornings now, I’ve not only found all the cats’ food bowls, inside and out, completely empty, but the lid on the kibble bin has been opened. Something – not necessarily a cat – has figured out how to get the lid off and been eating kibble right out of the bin! From the lingering smell, we know that Stinky has been visiting during the night, but do skunks have that sort of paw control? It could also be raccoons, but we’ve never seen any here, since we moved in.

There isn’t a shortage of cat kibble, exactly. It’s just that the only big bags left are brands that the cats really don’t like. When even the outside cats won’t eat something, you know it’s pretty awful stuff. Outside cats are not normally picky eaters! We had talked about making another trip into the city this month for stuff like this, but the way things have been going, I am just not seeing that happening. Which sucks, because stuff like cat kibble is so much more expensive out here. If the only thing I can find are the smaller bags, though, the cost difference at that point, to get the amount we need, would make it much more economical to make the trip to the city. That wouldn’t be until after Easter, though, and we’re going to run out by tomorrow morning.

We shall see what I find today!

The Re-Farmer

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