Morning cheers

Today was a day to work on a whole bunch of little things that needed to be done or started – and a surprise breakage. Rather than do one huge post, I’ll split them up into a bunch of little posts.

But first, here’s something that cheered me up this morning.

Of course, there was checking on the babies.

It’s going to be interesting in the basement, when these guys start getting more mobile!

While doing my rounds, I had my furry escort, including Creamsicle…

He’s about 10 feet above my head in this photo! Of all the cats, he seems to be the one who loves to climb the most. šŸ˜€

What a great way to start the day!

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Morning cheers

  1. That one with the white face and it’s expression, lol… “I *WILL* escape this basket and when I do there will be hell to pay.


    That one’s gonna be ornery, I tell yah. šŸ˜€ Little mischief maker.

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