Morning kitties, and I think I’ll hold off on that…

When I opened the door to the basement to check on Beep Beep and the kitties, I found Beep Beep sitting in the basement window at the stairs.

She immediately bolted through the door.

She had to go through the several cats that were trying to bolt down the stairs at the same time! 😀

It’s a good think I was intending to leave the door open for a while, anyhow.

The babies are definitely getting more curious and mobile! Beep Beep is getting more comfortable with leaving them for longer periods, too.

The girls are calling Butterscotch’s baby “Nickypants” because his fur pattern makes him look like he has white pants, just like Nicky the Nose. 😀

After a while, I had to go hunting for Beep Beep to bring her back down, so I could close up the basement again. I found her on the kitchen counter! Bad Beep Beep! 😉

We’ve been having some very chilly nights lately, so I’ve been keeping a close eye on the seed trays. I was happy to see some new growth.

More pattypans/sunbrust squash are emerging, a few more of the zucchini surprise mix are showing, too.

It’s funny how there is this one large sunburst squash that showed up next to the zucchini mix. If I hadn’t put those straws in to mark the different groups, I would have thought it was part of the mix!

Still no sign of gourds, though. There were no new seedlings emerging in the other tray.

I was supposed to presoak the carrot seeds a while ago, but things got busy and it just didn’t happen. Now I’m glad it got delayed, and I think I will delay a few more days. We’re supposed to get a couple of centimeters of snow tomorrow evening! It looks like things will warm up and stay above freezing, even overnight, by Tuesday, so I will aim to start the seeds soaking on Saturday. The video I’m using said it should take 3 or 4 days for roots to show, so we’ll see how that goes.

The Re-Farmer

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