Things that make me smile

I’m just loving the longer days and weather conditions we’re having right now. I was doing my evening rounds of the yard some time past 9:30 last night, the temperatures were perfect, and I got to watch this gorgeous sunset through the willow branches and spruce trees.

This morning, I was thoroughly entertained by feline antics.

David so wants to play with the kittens! When he jumps into their nest with them, though, and they come running over, he gets skittish and leaves. Lately, he’s taken to dangling at them from above, and waving his furry paws in the air above their heads. 😀

They are so funny!

The Re-Farmer

13 thoughts on “Things that make me smile

      • I’ve never seen snow in June. A frost in May is rare here. We had a few nights of 39 degrees in May which broke records. Three years in a row we have had a snow sprinkling- which didn’t lay on the ground. I can’t imagine snow in June. Even a flake. Lol

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      • It isn’t common, but I got some photos from years ago, when we were still living in the city, of snow on top of apple blossoms! Last year, we had a terribly cold spring. Farmers couldn’t plant until the middle of June. The cold was immediately followed by a drought. I am really hoping we finally get a good growing year!


      • I have a garden this year, last year I grew just tomatoes in pots. My neighbors garden last year burned up a month before harvest- so yes gardening seems like a gamble. I have very sandy soil- previously I think long ago my area was a river bottom. Hard clay that in certain spots was like paydirt. Every time that I’ve had a garden you can till then it hardens somewhat except where trees were. It needs watering everyday which is taxing on a well. Especially in summer..

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      • Burned up? Wow!

        I won’t even try for tomatoes, yet. We just don’t eat them enough to make it worthy the incredible effort to grow them successfully out here.

        I totally get what you are talking about with tilling! Aside from not having a working tiller (there are at least 5 non-working ones lying about), that hard, hard soil is why I’m trying the no-till methods. It is completely different from how we gardened when I was growing up here, so I hope it works! 😀


      • I wanted a raised garden too but it didn’t happen. Tomatoes are a pain. I so agree. My step dad use to use a bag of lime, a bag of 101010 and had the most beautiful garden imaginable. But, he lived in a different area where the soil was rich and black.

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      • That sounds amazing!

        We live on the bottom of an ancient lake bed. Not a lot of top soil! Yet my mother managed to grow pretty much anything she tried. I honestly don’t know how she managed it. She was pretty brutal with plants – including house plants! – yet they thrived for her. If I can manage a garden half as good as what she managed, I’ll consider that a success! 😀

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