Garden status, good and not so good

First, the good.

After giving the new squash bed a thorough watering with the sprinkler yesterday evening, I made sure to check them out this morning.

I’m happy to see that they are looking strong and healthy. A few were looking a bit haggard after transplanting and adding the straw mulch, but they have all perked up.

The not so good is that my plans to at least start on getting the sunflowers plants are still out. It’s just too flippin’ windy out there! The sunflowers are to be planted at the far end of where the old garden used to end. There, they will serve as both a wind break (one variety can potentially grow to 10 – 12 feet in height, the other 8 – 10 feet), but also as a privacy screen. Too many people slowing down to peer into our yard/garden area. Which I can understand, when there’s a herd of deer passing through, but with our past having included things like a paid union goon stalker, a crazy dude threatening us, nosy, gossipy neighbours that were diligently working to drive us away from the housing co-op we lived in, and now our vandal, we’re a little more sensitive to the creep factor of that than most!

That far from the house, though, means no shelter from these winds, and they just don’t seem to be dying down.

I really hope it calms down in the next day or two. The predicted thunderstorms have been pushed back a couple of days, and I’d really like to get the sunflowers planted before then. Plus, there are still the cucamelons and remaining squash that need to be transplanted.

Ultimately, though, I’ll be happy as long as I get them in by the start of June.

The Re-Farmer

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