Morning kitties – plans interrupted

While doing my rounds this morning, I had some company.

Butterscotch looks downright malevolent! πŸ˜€

While checking things during my rounds, I found we have fewer sunflowers today, compared to yesterday. It’s possible I missed a couple, but it seems that something has been eating them. One or two at a time.

I visited the kittens again, after my rounds.

They really love that box of wood bits!

So, my morning posting got interrupted today. I am not continuing this almost 12 hours later!

My daughter happened to ask me about a bed frame I was looking to get. When we were prepping to move out here, one of the things we discovered was that the two twin sized box springs under our king size mattress were broken. No idea when that happened. We figured we could get new ones after the move.

Well, the move being the fiasco that it was, that didn’t happen. Instead, my husband and I had the mattress directly on the floor.

Which is not good for someone with a back injury. It was, however, the best of our mattresses. Also, the other mattresses were all twin sized.

When my husband ended up needing a hospital bed, we had to set the king size mattress aside and I used the spare twin. The king size ended up stuck behind the couch in the living room. It was just too big to put anywhere else. The cats, of course, discovered they could climb it and take naps up by the ceiling.

Which would have been fine, until they started using it as a scratching post.

Nothing we did would stop them. Of course, when we were asleep, we weren’t there to stop them. They were slowly destroying it. The only way to stop the destruction was to start using the mattress.

On the one hand, that was great. The twin mattress was a cheapy, and painful to sleep on, so the better quality mattress was much better on my body. On the other hand, my knees, feet and hips are pretty shot. Getting up and down from so low to the ground was taking its toll.

Eventually, we found the frame I wanted at Ikea; one that did not need box springs, and with 6 drawers underneath. We just had to save up for it.

Of course, other things kept popping up that was priority on the budget. Like repairing vehicles. This year, however, we finally got some decent tax returns, and were able to set some aside.

Just in time for Ikea to have a sale on the bed frame I wanted.

Which was out of stock.

Also, Ikea was closed because of the pandemic, and only doing online purchases. We would have an arranged time to pick up. So after a few days, when I tried again and saw 1 frame in stock, I tried to buy it.

Before I could finish going through the checkout process, it was gone.

So I signed up to be notified by email when it was in stock again.

Today was the last day of the sale, and when my daughter asked about it, I told her I hadn’t received an email saying they restocked. I decided, however, to check again. Just in case.

There was 2 in stock! They never contacted me.

I tried to buy it online, so we could pick it up later.

The website was having technical difficulties. When I tried to check out, it told me it was out of stock, but when I looked at the item directly, it still said there were two.

Their customer service web chat wasn’t working and when I tried phoning, there was no answer. Not even an automated one.

I did notice, however, that the store is now open to customers.

I decided to go for it. One of my daughters and I headed out within minutes. We couldn’t be sure there were any in stock – with a 2 hour drive to get to the location, at the far end of the city, even if they were in stock, that didn’t mean they still would be when we got there. We figured it was still worth it, and we could use the trip to go elsewhere, while we were at it.

I had the item number so when we finally got there, we made our way straight to the pick up area, but there was no aisle number. After asking around, we ended up at an information kiosk. The woman looked it up for me and…

Yes, there was indeed two left in stock.

We would never have found it in the pick up area, though. It turned out that the king size version of this bed frame was only available through their loading/pick up area. She called it in, gave me a print out with the bar code and order number so I could pay for it, and instructions on where to go to have it brought to us.

It was a bit confusing and frustrating, but it finally got done. Not only did I finally get a bed frame, but I was able to get it while it was still on sale.


We took advantage of being in the city and made a couple more stops, then when we got home, the girls spent the next couple of hours assembling it.

I helped.

A little.


Once it was done, of course we all splayed out on it.

I love having a king size!

Then, I did something amazing.

I got up.

Then I sat down.

Then I got up and sat down and got up again.

Because I can do that now! Effortlessly!

The unplanned trip blew away any plans we had for today, but it was so worth it!!

This is going to be so much better on my knees!!!

I’m so excited! πŸ˜€

Yes, it’s the little things that make me happy. πŸ˜€

The Re-Farmer

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