Catch up, and kitties!

I’m happy to say that, yesterday evening, when things started to cool down a bit, we got a couple of big jobs finished.

The first was to finish cleaning up the pile of branches pruned from the apple trees.

My awesome daughters actually finished the job by cutting up the largest pieces. Except that one big stump piece. We’re not going to bother with that.

It’s going to take a while to burn this away, but at least it’s neatly stacked, and I can mow around it.

Speaking of which, that was the other big job I finally got done. I finally got into the west end of the old garden area, and into the maple grove. The new mower is just awesome, getting in between the trees. I turned on the “health” app that my phone came with, for the pedometer, and according to that thing, I walked about 7 km (4.34 miles), just mowing in the trees.

I’m glad that got done last night, because when I did my rounds this morning, it was already 24C/75F, and the dew wasn’t even dry yet!

These flowers will soon be a riot of purple, all along the south fence by the spruce grove. πŸ™‚

Since manual labour outside was not going to happen yet, I decided to spend some time working with the basement.

The kittens had already escaped when I first came down to tend to them in the morning, and I couldn’t get them all back. My husband was sweet enough to supervise them while I did the outside part of my rounds (more to make sure the adult cats didn’t hurt any of them), then helped me get them back into the basement, so I could give them some wet cat food.

When I tried to go back down later, I opened the door and found 4 kitten heads at the top step – the door just clears them when it opens! – and that was it. They were gone. All five of them ended up upstairs, running around.

I let them be. They’d done all right earlier – only Fenrir is a concern for aggressiveness – and I decided to take advantage of them being out of the basement. I brought down a long corded power bar, and some large cup hooks (among other things). I attached the cup hooks into one of the floor joists running across the ceiling of the basement. Two of them are now holding the cord for the power bar, with the plug ins hanging down. It even has USB ports, if I need to charge my phone. Three other hooks are now there to hold whatever else is needed.

With the kittens away, I used my wood burning tool, with the knife blade attachment, to cut a couple of 5 gallon water jugs in half, then cut the necks off the top. The halves are now available to use as covers for plants, if needed, and the necks I left as cat toys. πŸ˜‰

I was then able to let the tool hang from one of the hooks to cool down, completely safe from kitties, until I could take off the knife blade and put it away in its case.

Then my daughter helped me bring the babies back down again.

Once that was done, I started working on my carving practice. I had kittens crawling all over me until they got bored and left me alone.

How adorable is that!!!

Beep Beep had been persuaded to come down, too, and she decided to join her babies.

That lasted until I started using my Dremel tools and scared them all away. 😦

After I was done with the noisy tools, and continued to work on the spoon, I started hearing a very tiny, very wet, slurping noise.

Yeah. That’s Leyendecker, nursing!

What a silly kitty! Even Beep Beep is looking at him funny. πŸ˜€

I am quite happy with how the spoon progressed today, but I’ll post about that later.

We’ve finally reached the high of the day for today (27C/80F), so things should start cooling down now. I’m hoping that, after supper, it’ll be cool enough to get stuff done outside. The next couple of days are supposed to be even hotter, with thunderstorms expected tomorrow, so anything I can get done tonight is bonus.

The Re-Farmer

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