Brave Baby

After putting kibble out for the outside cats, I was about to leave the sun room with bird seed, when I startled something small and white.

I stayed in the sun room long enough for the brave baby to return!

I could see no sign of the other two of Junk Pile’s babies. They hang out in the spirea by the storage house, where we now have bowls of food and water set up for them, but this little one decided to check out where all the other cats are going!

Rosencrantz has been coming over for food in the mornings pretty regularly, but I don’t think her kittens are in the pump shack anymore.

So there are at least 6 kittens from 2 litters, about the size of this little cutie, plus however many Butterscotch ended up having. If any survived. I haven’t been able to see if she’s still nursing, as she has become somewhat unfriendly. I think she really didn’t like being indoors and doesn’t want to take the chance of us doing that again.

Over the nest few weeks/months, I expect to see more yard kitties showing up by the house!

The Re-Farmer

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