First sunflower!

No, none of our giant sunflowers are blooming, yet. In fact, we didn’t even plant these ones.

Bird seed and deer feed we’ve been leaving at one end of a flower garden have been sprouting. Much of it is in the grass and gets mowed, but right under the platform feeder, we’re letting them grow.

I was surprised to see a sunflower blooming this morning. They are all really quite small plants! From the seeds I’ve seen in the mixes, I expected them to grow much larger.

Another sunflower will be blooming soon! The oats beside it are from the deer feed.

Then there’s whatever this is. Millet, maybe? I don’t know.

There are some other plants that I find myself looking at and wondering; is that from the bird seed? Or is it a weed? 😀

For now, I’m leaving them. We’ll find out soon enough!

The Re-Farmer

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