What shall I do with you, today?

Zucchini and sunburst squash I gathered this morning.

Yesterday, I made a sort of hash, first browning potatoes, cubed small, in butter, then adding leek and frying until softened. I cubed sunburst squash, a green zucchini and a grey squash (the lighter coloured, kinda striped, kind of zucchini; our grocery stores label them as grey squash). Once those were cooked until soft, I added seasonings and maybe half a cup of whipping cream. It turned out awesome!

I’m out of cream, though, so I think I’ll just pan fry them in butter with leek.

The Re-Farmer

One thought on “What shall I do with you, today?

  1. I have the same dilemma with my summer squash and zucchini’s. Made a lasagna today, substituting zucchini for pasta. I likes the results. I like your hash idea and have some new potatoes that will be perfect for mixing with the squash. Thanks for the idea.

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