Here comes the sun

That first seed head that opened is getting pretty big! Quite a few more are starting to show yellow petals.

It’s nice to see more reaching this stage.

I have no convenient way to measure, but I’d guess the tallest ones are reaching the 8 foot range.

The heights are all over the place. Of the original seeds planted, they are among the tallest, of course, but some of them are still only in the 5-6 foot range – and then there are the ones that were shortened by deer! Among the variety that got planted later to fill in the gaps, some are just a couple of feet tall, while others are around 3-4 feet. That variety is supposed to reach about 6 ft, if I remember correctly. Hopefully, we’ve got enough of a growing season left for them to produce harvestable seed heads, but even if they don’t, they are good for the other reasons we planted them; as a privacy screen and a bit of a wind break.

Definitely planting more, next year! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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