Appreciate the beeauty

Let’s start by enjoying this lovely photo I was able to get this morning.

There were two bees on this sunflower, busily pollinating!

A nice, cheerful burst of sunshine.

I feel like I need it right now.

I had intended to use my mother’s car to run some errands in town today, just to get it on the road. Then my mother called me in the morning, asking for help to do her shopping, so I did my errands at her town, instead. Plus, I got to surprise her with her own car, which is easier for her to get in an out of than our van.

So that worked out rather well.

Of course, it was a visit with my mother, and all that this entailed. It was a pretty good visit, overall, but as usual, it left me drained. As an example of just one of the things that came up, apparently we did our celebration on Sunday all wrong. Not only was she still upset about the ceiling fan, but apparently we each, individually, were supposed to give her cards, there was supposed to be a tablecloth and candles, and after dinner, we were all supposed to make speeches.


Never mind that we were originally supposed to have a cookout and be eating outside, or that two other people’s birthdays and an anniversary were being celebrated at the same time. She had an expectation, and we didn’t meet it, therefore it was all wrong.

So is everything about our gardening this year, and the fall planting we’re intending to do later this month.

And so on. Everything is all wrong, because it’s now how she would do it, or the way she thinks it used to be, or how she thinks the “proper” way to do something is.


But that’s okay. Tomorrow, I get to recharge. We are taking my mother’s car out for a longer highway drive, and finally visiting my older brother at his place. He has come out here so many times, yet since we’ve moved in, we’ve managed to go to his place only a couple of times.

It’s going to be really great to see them!

For now, it’s back to recovering from visiting my mom, and appreciating the beauty of bees and sunflowers! 😉

The Re-Farmer

9 thoughts on “Appreciate the beeauty

  1. Individual cards AND speeches… Wow, somebody has a high opinion of herself, LOL

    I don’t think my mom was ever QUITE that bad, but she came close. I guess she’s learned with age. Maybe it’s like that old Cosby joke; “These are NOT the people I grew up with! You’re looking at old people now, who are trying to get into Heaven.” LOL.

    Regardless, I’ve been around more than one person like that. They always manage to leave you drained, no matter how much you prepare for them.

    Liked by 2 people

    • You know, I think it’s more likely that she has a low opinion of herself, and constantly needs to have other people edify her. Even if it means trying to bribe people for their affection.

      That, and she has an undiagnosed mental illness.

      Between the two, it’s getting more pronounced as she ages! Logically, I understand it, but it just sucks the energy right out of a person! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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