Morning kitties

I was very happy to see Butterscotch’s babies this morning. I didn’t see them at all, yesterday, and even their food bowl was only being pecked at by the blue jays!

When I saw them by the house, I made a point of staying to play with them. Much to my surprise and delight, Creamsicle Jr. was the one to join me!

It’s hard to tell, as they are not very co-operative, but it looks like Creamsicle Jr. is male. He was willing to play on my feet, but would not let me touch him!

The calico made a slight attempt at playing, but was not willing to come too close. She does like to climb the lilac bushes, though! I am pretty sure she is female.

Of the two orange tabbies, I could only get pictures of this one – the other kept itself hidden away! This guy (and I’m pretty sure this one is male) is more willing to let me touch and pet him – or support his butt when he started to slide off my knee! – before running off. He comes right back to play, though. As for the other orange tabby, I suspect it is female, but she would not come anywhere near me today!

Today is working out to be a very windy day. There is a thunderstorm predicted for early this evening, but from the looks of the weather radar, I expect it to miss us. We should still be able to get the rest of the grape hyacinth bulbs planted today. 🙂 Where we are putting them is a bit more sheltered from the wind.

It’s wreaking havoc on our internet, though… :-/

The Re-Farmer

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