Evening kitties

I was able to spend some time, yesterday evening, working on socializing Junk Pile’s kittens.

Well. Two of them.

The mystery kitten watched from a distance, clearly curious, but would not come anywhere near us.

Little Braveheart – my daughters call her Tissue, because when she runs across the yard, she looks like a tissue blowing in the wind! – even snuffled and batted at my fingers a bit.

I wasn’t able to get photos, since my hands were occupied, but Tabby not only snuffled my fingers, but tried to eat them! I did wash my hands after being in the kitchen, but I guess they still smelled of food. 😀

I so want to snuggle these two!

Okay. Let’s be honest. I want to snuggle all of the kittens. 😀

Gotta work on that socialization thing more!

The Re-Farmer

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