Like father, like son?

Creamsicle decided to come and play this morning. I think it’s pretty clear he’s a daddy! 😀

I suppose it also explains why Butterscotch lets him hang around, but will chase Potato Beetle away. I don’t know where she found the other daddies, but none of them were tabbies! 😀

While going through the trail cam files this morning, I was reminded of something I found hooked onto the chain of our gate when I got home, yesterday. A little card like would normally have been slipped over a door knob by a delivery person. The trail cam recorded the guy that left it. I’m pretty sure I saw the same car leaving my brother’s place as I was coming up the road. 🙂

It was a notice, with contact information and a file number, that an aerial photo was taken of the property, if we were interested in buying it.

I intend to check it out!

We currently have an aerial photo of farm, framed and hanging in our entry for as long as I can remember. Some guy had flown around, taking pictures, then visited the farms and offering to sell them. This guy basically did the same thing.

The photo we currently have may well be older than me. Things have change quite a lot over the decades!

As you can imagine, I am very interested in getting a photo that was taken almost 2 generations later!

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Generations

  1. Being a bit of a privacy nit, ideal etiquette would have been to ask first instead of just flying around snapping pics of everyone’s land. Not like Google doesn’t do it already though. :\

    Privacy gripe aside, it would indeed be interesting to have an “after” to go with the “before” 🙂

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      • OH it happens quite a bit. Privacy violations with drones are a particular problem in some areas.

        Not saying this guy had anything nefarious planned, it just sends a wrong first impression with some people. Doubly so if they’re going down to the county government office to look up property borderlines and such to help sort out the photos.

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