Fall cover, and working out a problem

It’s been rather windy for the past few days.

We certainly won’t be needing to mulch the bulbs we planted! They’re getting an excellent cover right now. 🙂

We’ve got a bit of a challenge in winterizing things outside. One of the things that needs to be done is to replace the rotting skid under the cat house.

After dismantling our goat catcher earlier in the year, we left the frames together. The two 4′ x 8′ ones were prefect to use as guides for our potato beds. When I noticed how rotten the skid under the cat house was, I grabbed one of the frames to check.

It’s actually a better size than what’s already under there! Right now, only one side rests completely on the length of the skid, while the other rests on the skid at only 2 points. That’s the side that also had the little addition, where the entrance is. There is nothing supporting the weight of the entry at all, other than the floor beams.

The problem is, this thing is incredibly heavy. My brother had managed to move it onto his trailer all by himself, but he did that by putting straps around the skid. We need to take it off the skid, then put a new one underneath. The whole thing will be on bricks to keep the wood from contacting the ground, and I plan to add more under the entry to support it, as well.

We discussed taking the roof right off, since that’s where a lot of the weight it, but we are already hearing crackling of wood every time we raise it. It’s already got a lot of years on it, and we’d like to be able to use it for quite a few more! Once we have it on a new skid, set up a bit closer to the house for the extension cord to reach, it will hopefully never need to be moved again until it’s no longer usable. Another part of the problem is the lack of tools. We don’t even have a bar we could use to lever it – there was one, but it was among the things that disappeared while the place was empty.

We will have to make do with whatever we can find!

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Fall cover, and working out a problem

  1. Sounds like you may need to rebuild it in a year or two regardless.

    As far as the cats pooping in it (from the other post), maybe substituting a couple of old blankets for the straw will help that. It’d be safer than straw with any kind of terrarium heater also.

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    • We were planning in building one ourselves, but this gives us more time to do it. Something lighter, that’s for sure! 😀

      There is a blanket on top of the straw right now; it’s one we’ve been using for the cats for a couple of years now, and last winter, they crapped all over it! It took forever to get it clean. 😦 It’s a amazing how heavy a crocheted blanket can be! Thankfully, the cats burrowed the blanket out of the corner and crapped on the straw, so it will be easier to clean up. The terrarium heater should be okay, as the socket is well above the straw and the blanket will keep the dust down, but we will make that call when the heater comes in and we have a better idea of how much of an issue it actually turns out to be.

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