An amazing Christmas gift just happened!

We had a very surreal moment this afternoon.

Someone knocked at the door.

That just doesn’t happen. Especially with a locked gate and snowed in driveway!

It was the renter’s farm hand. He had been driving by with their tractor and noticed we’d cleared a few paths in the snow, so he stopped, climbed the gate, and offered to clear the driveway for us! Last year, he happened by while I was out with the electric snow blower, working on the driveway. The gate was open, so he drove right in and cleared it for me! He did in a few minutes, what would have taken me hours.

What an absolute sweetheart!

I quickly got coat and boots on and unlocked the gate for him.

What a beautiful sight!

The picture looks blurry because the window I was taking it through was frosting up faster than I could clear it and get my phone ready to take a picture!

I had started to lock the gate up when I figured I should take a picture from the road. He even widened the sides of the driveway at the road before he left!

Isn’t that amazing?!!

So now we just need to do the part inside the yard. He saved us so many hours of work!

We have some wonderful neighbours. What a fantastic Christmas present, too!

The Re-Farmer

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