My daughter was a sweetheart and willing to get out with our little snow blower to clear a few paths. I went out with her to control the extension cords, to make it easier.

I grabbed a quick photo of what I’d cleared around the cat shelters, earlier.

The plan is to use the cleared snow to make a wall on the south side, as a little extra shelter from the wind. Eventually, I want to clear as far as the well cover and the BBQ my brother gave us, but neither is essential right now.

We cleared a bit in front of the garage, though the focus right now was a walking path. You can see where the extension cord cut through the snow, which was very soft and fluffy, still. My job was to keep enough slack on the cord behind my daughter, so she wasn’t pulling it along as she used the snow blower – which can be done, but it sometimes gets caught or tangled on things – then clear it to one side as she worked her way back again.

We don’t need to do another meter reading until the middle of January, but we cleared a path to the pole, anyhow.

I ended up tromping through the snow with the cord in the process. šŸ˜€

With two 100 ft extension cords, my daughter was able to make a quick pass up the sidewalk to the house, too. It will need to be widened enough for my husband’s walker, eventually, but this will do for now!

By the time she was done, my daughter was plastered with snow. It didn’t matter which way she had the deflector blowing the snow, the wind still blew it back onto her!

To the right of where you see my daughter in the photo is where we will need to clear enough snow to drive up to the house. Including the area needed to turn and reverse, there is a lot of space that needs clearing! For that, we can plug the extension cords into an outlet on the side of the house, instead of from the garage. We’ll still need to use both cords if we want to make a path around the house, but most of what we need to reach can be with just 100 ft of cord.

At some point, we should clear a path to the barn, too. We don’t go into there often, but it would still be nice to not have to slog through the snow to do it. šŸ™‚

Little by little, it’ll get done. I’m just thankful we don’t need to do it all at once. My poor brother and his wife, who live quite a bit south of us and would have gotten a lot more snow, don’t have that luxury. He was probably out clearing snow in the wee hours of the morning. At least they do have a very good gas powered snow blower!

I don’t expect our vandal will ever return the Bobcat he took, since he is convinced he owns it, but it sure would have made our job easier. I think that thing even had a heated cabin!

Ah, well. We do what we can with what we have.


The Re-Farmer

8 thoughts on “Pathways

    • *L* We lived in Victoria, BC, for about 8 years. Temperate rain forest, but also on an island that was a rock sticking out of the ocean. It rarely snowed, but when it did, with all the steep roads, a couple of inches would shut the city down. šŸ˜€

      Merry Christmas to you as well! šŸ™‚

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    • From my mother, actually. He would use it to clean snow for my late father, but then decided to “store” it as his place. When my mother asked him to bring it back to the farm, he ignored her. It wasn’t until I filed my defense from his lawsuit against me that he suddenly claimed to have helped pay for it, so it’s his. No one in my family remembers anything about him contributing towards it. My parents both did. My late brother was supposed to take over the farm and bought all sorts of things out in preparation for that. He never asked, but my parents gave him money for a lot of it, as well as paying him for some of the larger jobs he did. Which is why I say that, after both my brother and my father passed away, everything on the farm belongs to the farm. When my mother transferred ownership to my brother last year, that included everything on it, but much of it was already taken during the couple of years the place was empty.


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