Pretty morning

We had a light snowfall all night, with almost no wind. This morning, the trees looked like they were covered in frost!

It’s enough to almost make the junk cars in the old hay yard look pretty.


Fresh tracks at the feeding station, and around to the ornamental apply trees in the old kitchen garden, show we had quite a few deer visits in the night!

As promised, I got a picture of the wonderful gift from my brother and his wife.

Well. The box, at least! No point in opening the box until spring!

Being the incredibly thoughtful person he is, on noticing the spikes into the soil are not very long, my brother included a length of angle iron we can pound into the ground, and wired to tie the post to it, for extra support!

I find myself thinking… if we have a fire, that might thaw out the ground enough to install this, and we can have some winter cook outs! With the fire bans, we aren’t using the fire pit in the summer anywhere near as much as I had expected to.

It’s supposed to be pretty mild for the next while…

Yeah. I’m just looking for excuses to get this set up out there! 😀

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Pretty morning

    • Thank you.

      One thing about our winters, compared to when we lived on the Wet Coast. Here, we can always add layers to get warm. Living in BC, it didn’t matter. The actual temperatures might be higher, but that humid chill gets down to the bones, and no amount of layers can stop it!

      Living here is how I discovered I had pretty severe osteoarthritis. The pain levels in my feet were the worst I’d ever experiences – and this from someone for whom painkillers don’t work right, so I have a *very* high pain tolerance.

      When we moved back to the drier prairies, most of the pain went away again!

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