Groggy Kittie

Well, Butterscotch is home!

Just look at those pupils!!!

She is still recovering from the anesthetic, so we’ve been told to keep her in the carrier for a couple of hours. She is on a 24 hour painkiller, the sutures will dissolve on their own in 3 weeks, and she has the 14 day antibiotic. We’ve been told what to watch out for, but they did everything they could to prepare her for being outdoors as she recovers.

For now, she is in the carrier behind me. We had to ban all the cats from the room, except Beep Beep, who is sleeping and has no curiosity about her “sister” in the carrier. (For all I know, they may be sisters. Or mother and daughter. Or no relation at all! LOL) As we supervised, a parade of cats came by to sniff at the carrier, from all sides, and the top! Which was fine when they were just sniffing. Nicco came to see her mom, but Cabbages had no interest and ran away from the crowd. It was when cats started hissing at Butterscotch that we had to put a stop to it and send them away.

After a couple of hours in the carrier, if she seems alert enough, we will gently transition her back outside.

I suspect she will be quite eager to get away again!

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “Groggy Kittie

  1. Poor thing. A 2 inch gash is a nasty cut for a critter that small though. 😦

    Here’s hoping her recovery goes well. The doctor probably already said this, but make sure she doesn’t chew out her sutures also. She MAY need a cone to prevent it.

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