Back outside: Butterscotch recovery update

We ended up keeping Butterscotch indoors, overnight. After 2 hours in the carrier, she was certainly more active and alert after the anesthetic wore off, but she was totally cracked out! We did not feel it would be safe for her to be outside, yet.

She got the basement all to herself for the night. The inside cats were most upset over the closed door! 😀

This morning, my daughter got her into the carrier again (after checking her out) and I took her outside and let her go.

I could tell she was feeling better. As soon as one of her kittens came up to her, she batted him upside the head!

As you can tell, he wasn’t too bothered by that. 😀

Her wound looks good, and she did not seem to be favoring the leg as she walked around. She was soon in the kibble house, having a snack.

When I first let her out of the carrier, she was all about getting the pets, but after that, she wouldn’t let me near her!

After bringing the cat carrier back in, the inside cats were all over it, sniffing away. We’d put a small, soft crocheted mat inside for a bed, and I took it out and put it back into the box bed it’s normally in. Before long, I found Cabbages and Nicco – both Butterscotch babies – obsessed with sniffing it!

My daughters had started to talk about the possibility of trying to keep Butterscotch indoors, but she is much happier outside, and I think even the inside cats were pretty disturbed by her presence. Except Beep Beep, who simply ignored her! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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