Oh, to have the life of our cats

Today was a nice and quiet day, so maybe it was as close to the life of our cats as we humans can manage! 😀

Just look at Keith!

He is such a calm and quiet cat. We brought him indoors to better treat his eyes; they were never as bad as his brother David’s, but they were not really getting better. Even as a kitten, we could tell he would have a sweet and calm disposition as an adult. We probably would have brought him in much earlier, if his cousin Cheddar hadn’t impaled himself with a stick through his armpit and needed to recover indoors from surgery.

I still have that cheese stick, in it’s vacuum sealed container. LOL

One thing out of the ordinary happened today. I had a conference call with my siblings and mother – a technical feat my brother pulled off involving cell phones, land lines and speaker phones – to get us all on at the same time, and able to hear each other!

The topic of conversation was our vandal.

A few days ago, while I happened to still be near the end of our driveway while doing my rounds, I saw a vehicle turn onto the road. As I usually do, I waved at the driver as he went by. Only then did I realize it was our vandal, driving one of his other vehicles, so I didn’t recognize it at first.

He very studiously looked away from me as he drove by.

I thought nothing of it, but I should have made a point of calling my mother to let her know. Sometimes, when he sees me, he ends up calling her and going off on a rant. He hadn’t done it the last few times I saw him, though, so I didn’t think of it.

The next day, I got a call from my mother, asking me if anything had happened – if I got anything else in the mail regarding our vandal’s ridiculous suit against me, or something. I told her no, I only saw him drive by the previous morning, then immediately asked what happened.

He had called just her. She made the mistake of answering without checking call display first. He, as usual, launched into a tirade. He kept asking her things like, why is she trying to put him in jail (he’s been saying that since I laid charges against him, after catching him damaging our gate), but never giving her a chance to speak. She finally hung up on him. He called back immediately, and she answered again, quickly said that he was putting himself in jail, then hung up again.

The whole thing left her quite rattled and it took her quite a while to calm down.

So today, my siblings talked about what happened, and a few other things that have gone on over the years. I found out that, among the things ranted about at my mother, our vandal told her that I said – to him – that my mother shouldn’t attend her sister’s funeral.

My aunt is living but, as you can imagine, that freaked my mother out a bit, since she is in a nursing home.

Of course, I haven’t spoken to our vandal since I laid charges against him, two years ago, so this claim of his was just another thing he invented, like so many other things.

I learned today that when he had called my brother at work a few months ago, he ranted so loudly, everyone in the office could hear him!

The question is, what do we do about it?

Unfortunately, not much. I’m already doing the only things I can. Anything he does to my mother, she has to do herself. We can help her, but we can’t do it for her. The only way someone else could do it for her is if she were medically declared not of sound mind, and she is still far from that.

The frustrating thing is that, with our province extending the lock down again, my restraining order application’s court date will likely be delayed, yet again. I need to phone the court office closer to the date they gave me when I last called about it, so I will be calling next week. His civil suit against me is by teleconference, so there’s no delay in that. As you can imagine, it is extremely frustrating that a criminal matter is being delayed in the courts because of government shut downs, but civil cases can go ahead by phone. For us, so far, he’s only tried to destroy property and screamed verbal abuse as us, but what about people who applied for protection orders that fear for their personal safety? These lock downs have already caused a spike in domestic abuse, as so many tried to warn about. It’s hard enough for people to get the protections they need to begin with. Now, with the courts closed, they can’t get any at all.

The other frustrating thing is that our vandal is angry at me, for being here on the farm and actually standing up to his abusive behaviour, but it’s my mother that he takes it out on. He seems to still think he can get her to give the property to him, even though she no longer owns it, while at the same time, still seems to think she has given it to me. So… he thinks she can “take back” ownership from me, when I don’t own it, and give it to him?

That this makes sense to him is just a reflection of his state of mind. What is more confusing is how he managed to convince other people that this makes sense, and willing to even leave anonymous notes on my mother’s door – in spite of her building being locked down to visitors – telling her to give the farm “back” to him.


On the plus side, my siblings, mother and I are being a lot more communicative and drawing around my mother to protect her as best we can. That we have to do it at all is just sad.

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Oh, to have the life of our cats

    • He does, indeed! Keith is just a comfy cat in general. 😀

      As for our vandal, I’ll take whatever positives I can get. Especially considering the effect his behaviour is having on my mother. 😦 The call with my siblings helped her more for that than anything else. It’s frustrating, how limited our responses are. The system is designed to protect the perpetrators, not their victims. 😦


  1. Cats definitely have it made, lol. The ones that can get indoors anyway. Our two have always been indoor only cats, but I don’t think they truly appreciated it until we moved to an area that has an actual winter. 😀 Now they’re happy to sit in the window and watch the squirrels and birds freeze their tails off.

    The vandal. *headdesk* If laws were actually enforced here (vs things being designed to protect the scum, not the public), he’d be guilty of aggravated stalking for getting into your mother’s car facility. I’d be reporting the facility for endangering your mother also with it’s lax security.

    I’ve said it before; deep pit in the back 40 of the farm, LOL. Sadly he’s just a symptom of a sick society anymore. Look at all the conspiracy nuts out there who will go to outlandish lengths to distort events.

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    • Ah, but my mother isn’t in long term care; it’s a senior’s apartment building, run by the province. So it’s locked down, but it’s not like there’s a front desk or staff (other than the caretakers, and they are a whole other problem!). There is no security. Unless you can’t wear a mask, then the caretakers will threaten people with eviction (and no, they don’t have the power).

      I don’t know when our vandal was there last. When he would show up, my mother would invite him in for tea, but he would stand in the door and rant loud enough the entire building could hear, then leave. She finally told him to stop coming, and he seems to be listening. Whoever left the note on her door came in between complete lock downs, so while visits were restricted, I don’t think the lobby doors were locked from the outside. None of us recognize the handwriting on the note. :-/


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