It’s actually a bit warmer…

The deep freeze continues, though today we are actually a bit warmer. As I write this, we have reached -24C, though the wind chill puts us at -36C (-11.2F/-32.8F).

If I were not waiting for a phone call from my lawyer, I would have gone at least to the smaller city in the area, to do the bulk shopping we have yet to manage this month. Tomorrow is supposed to be much the same as today, then temperatures will drop again for a few more days, so I am shooting to make the trip tomorrow.

I really wish I could trust our vehicles more. Perhaps I’m being over cautious, but we’ve had so many vehicle problems over the years, I can’t help it! By the middle of the month, things are going to warm up quite a bit again, and I’d rather wait until then, but there are things we will run out off, before then. Mostly cat food and litter.

The heated water bowl was almost completely frozen over. That hole was kept open by the cats themselves, as they drank!

Creamsicle Jr’s eye seems to be stuck completely shut. Zooming in with the camera is the best I can do to see it, as he takes off if I come any closer. The poor thing. This winter has been rough on him!

The Re-Farmer

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