Oh, what a lovely day!

My goodness, it’s feeling like spring out there! As I write these, we are at -8C/18F and expected to still warm up a bit! Not even the wind chill of -15C/5F can put a damper on it. 😀 It’s so warm that, while doing my morning rounds (at about -15C, before wind chill), I was actually starting to overheat in my parka!

I’m also excited to say that we are seeing new sprouts in our aquarium greenhouses. Not only among the shallots we planted 5 days ago, but even the bunching onions that were planted four days ago! Talk about excellent germination speed!

While doing my rounds this morning and changing the cats’ water, I found this adorable sight.

Nostrildamus, getting some cuddles!

The other cat he’s with is one that is incredibly shy and we rarely see. We think it is either his sibling, or Rosencrantz’s kitten. They were so skittish, we never quite figured it out.

Nosy did come out as I was doing the bird and deer feed. Both his eyes are still gummed up. He can open them enough to see a bit, at least, but not well. My brother’s dog had come to visit, and he couldn’t see well enough to know the dog was around until he was being sniffed! When he climbed up a rail in front of the sun room, I took the opportunity to give his eyes as good of a wipe as I could, with a dry tissue. By Monday, we’ll be above freezing temperatures, so that would be the time to give his eyes a wash with a damp cloth. Meanwhile, in his semi-blindness, he is at least discovering that my brother’s dog isn’t actually trying to hurt him, but just sniff him. 🙂

This afternoon, I made a trip into town to pick up a package that Purolater had left at a drop off station there, since they don’t deliver to our area at all. It’s been a few weeks, trying to get this thing! When we got a call saying it would be dropped off in town, I was told it would be there for only 5 business days, and then would be returned to sender. That’s when the deep freeze hit, and we weren’t going anywhere, so I called the store that serves as a drop off point about it. That’s when I found out they hang on to packages for 28 days before sending them back! So I don’t know what Purolator was talking about.

We had no idea what the package was, and now I’m glad we went through all the trouble! It turned out to be the hard copy of a book we ordered back in December. I’m excited to read it, because it was written by a friend of ours. You can check it out here (not an affiliate link).

Since I was in town, anyhow, I picked up a few things, and even remembered to pick up more deer feed, so I pulled the car into the yard to unload.

Which is when I found another adorable sight.

The brothers are enjoying the sun together, as well as the warmer surface of the insulation lining the shelves! I had to zoom in with my phone to take the picture, so the quality sucks, but they’re still cute!

Also, the cats love to bite that insulation. Those edges used to be smoothly cut. You can even see teeth marks! All over the ground in front of the shelf are little bits of insulation that they bite off and spit out. LOL

The ice chunks in the foreground are from my using the sawhorses to bash the water bowls against, to clear empty them.

My brother’s dog was visiting again when I got back, and I was pleased to see the cats were all running around and playing, instead of hiding from him. It looks like they are starting to get used to him! My brother’s dog used to come here all the time to visit my late father. This place is was like a second home to him, so I’m glad the critters are starting to get along.

I am really looking forward to the next few days! I’ve seen the forecast for Monday as high as 5C/41F !! though right now, it’s back to “only” 4C/39F

It’s amazing how uplifting the warmer temperatures are. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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