Ginger update: morning cuddles

The Ginger bug is learning to enjoy us humans!

After we gave him his morning medications, my daughter held him while I checked the incisions. While giving him his medications last night, one of my daughters noticed a discoloration, but he would not let her take a closer look. He was more cooperative, this morning. It looks like there may have been some fluid that leaked and got smeared on his skin. I’m only guessing, because there was no sign of swelling or leaking in the wounds at all. Just the stain on his skin.

Then my daughter sat and cuddled him, so he wouldn’t make a dash for the door while I went in and out with food for the cats, birds and deer outside.

Ginger is still not happy with getting his medications. He, of course, resists opening his mouth and tries to spit out the pills. When using the syringe to give him the liquid medication, he tries to chew on it. It’s a good thing they gave us two, because he bit a hole in the first one! Still, he’s actually really good about taking them, even if he doesn’t like it.

Ginger baby is being a good boy, and handling things very well.

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Ginger update: morning cuddles

  1. I hoard my kitty oral med syringes!!

    Do you have a pill popper? That’s required for a couple of my cats!

    A couple months ago I was supposed to give all the cats a 4-day course of meds. Of the 1st round, there was FAR more medicine spit all over my bedroom than was swallowed. I didn’t try again.

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