Ginger and the outside cats.

That title sounds like the name of a bad 80’s band. πŸ˜€

So the weather system swept in yesterday evening, and continues on today. We have had a little snow, and the temperature as I write this is still at -11C/12F, with a wind chill of -21C/-6F.

I’ve written before about the curious phenomenon of weather systems somehow missing us so often. We’ll get all sorts of forecasts for storms, etc., only for them not to hit us, or we just catch the edges of them. I’ve speculated that there is something about our geography that pushes the systems away. The systems pass to the south of us, most of the time. More rarely, they pass to the north of us.

Last night, while checking the weather radar, I could see it. There was rain passing over our region, with the colour codes denoting that it was quite heavy rain, with severe conditions in spots.

Except over us.

The rain actually formed a sort of horse shoe shape, and we were in the open space in the middle! We had had a small amount of rain, but that was it. While all around us, people were getting heavy rains, we had open skies. It was so wild to actually see that on the weather radar!

Once the rains past through, there was another system of snow that passed through during the night. We had a couple of centimeters (about an inch) by morning. What we still have now is the high winds.

Creamsicle Jr. was smart.

When I come out in the mornings and he’s in the cat’s house, he usually runs out and away. Not this morning! He stayed right were it was warm and cozy, and watched me as I refreshed the heated water bowl, just outside this window. He didn’t come out until there was kibble to be had. πŸ˜€

The other cats came running, braving the winds while I dashed into the sun room to get some kibble for them.

Junk Pile cat, who can be seen peeking around the side, had been tucked under the kibble house, on the sheet of insulation I put under there, when I first came out. I am so glad we were able to build this for the outside cats! The winds were swirling around from all directions, but at least inside the kibble house, they were sheltered while they ate!

Ginger, meanwhile, was watching them from the sun room.

He did NOT want to come to me this morning!

He looks like he’s all curled up for a nap in this photo, but in reality, he was rolling around in front of the window.

Since he wouldn’t let me pick him up for cuddles, I grabbed feed for the birds and deer to quickly take care of that.

By the time I was returning from putting the feed out, I found Creamsicle Jr. back in the cat house (you can see him licking his chops! LOL) with Junk Pile for company. Nutmeg stayed outside to run around and play in the snow. πŸ™‚

Ginger wanted to join him!!

When I came back into the sun room, he still wouldn’t let me pick him up. Eventually, my daughter was able to get him, and I gave him his morning medication, then we checked his sutures. There are still those spots that look a little raw, but they are not getting any worse.

I had to take him from my daughter in order for us to check him out, and he was content to stay in my arms, so I sat with him to cuddle for a while.

We stayed like this for a good long time before he finally had enough and went to his bed.

His warming mat was turned on, and he took full advantage of having it, and the heater bulb above!

It might be cold and blustery outside, but the sun room is warm, he’s got his own heat sources, and is doing just fine!

But he still wants to join his brothers outside sometimes! πŸ˜€

The Re-Farmer

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