Ginger bug update: meeting new friends?

Every now and then, we would bring one of the inside cats into the sun room to visit with Ginger.

It hasn’t been very productive.

Most of the inside cats have either never been in the sun room, or happened to dash in for a few moments before we could stop them. Which means that when we brought one of them in, they were far more interested in exploring, than checking out the new cat in the room.

Yesterday, I brought in David.

David is a slightly different case. He actually spent quite a bit of time in here, while it was set up as a “maternity ward”, with Beep Beep, Butterscotch and their kittens. However, the only reason he was in there was because we found him in the yard with his mom, with eyes so leaky and glued together, he was easy to catch. So was his brother, Keith, though Keith’s eyes were not as bad. We were never able to catch his sister, Junk Pile kitten, because her eyes were healthy and she kept running off.

Bringing him in for daily eye washes and eye drops got to be a bit much, so we simply kept him in the house. It was a while longer before his brother joined the indoor clan.

So while David’s not unfamiliar with the sun room, he was pretty much blind the entire time he was in it. So he did spend some time exploring, but was more relaxed about it, and more curious about the new addition. They didn’t do much more than sniff each other’s noses, but there was no animosity, hissing, growling or anything. They were pretty chill about the whole thing.

This morning, it was hard to get good pictures of Ginger! He got very interested in the bottom of the door, where the outside cats were milling about, waiting impatiently for their kibble. Then he went into rolling mode! πŸ˜€ He did let me pick him up for a bit, but he was too energetic and playful to cuddle.

He gets his stitches out this afternoon. Then he gets introduced to the great indoors. πŸ˜€

Here are his mom, brothers, aunty and cousin! The little calico wouldn’t go for the food while I was there, so I didn’t stay long. I actually got to pet Ginger’s Aunt Rosencrantz and Nutmeg this morning. It’s amazing what they’ll put up with when there’s food involved. πŸ˜‰

The Re-Farmer

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