Our 2021 garden: “hilling” potatoes

This morning, it was time to add to the potato grow bags.

They were topped up with a mix of grass clippings and garden soil, and the bags were unrolled a bit in the process. Some of them look like they could have done with more, but I must say, it was pretty awkward to top these up. The row against the fence was hardest to reach, of course. I really need to remember how short my reach it! 😀

The mulch and soil had to be added a handful at a time, carefully spread around the sides of the bag, where there turned out to be quite a lot more room than I expected. I tried to put more soil than mulch in the middle, between the plants, compared to around the sides. As early in the morning as it was, the heat and humidity was already up there, and I was just dripping with sweat. Much of it getting onto the inside of my glasses. :-/ So as soon as I was done topping them up, I headed inside, saving the watering for later. This afternoon was our early birthday and Father’s day celebratory pizza night, which involved a couple of hours of driving to get it and bring it home, so it wasn’t until evening that the potato bags got watered.

This evening, we fertilized our garden beds for the first time this year. We found an all purpose, water soluble vegetable fertilizer while cleaning up the old kitchen, and I’d bought a tomato and vegetable water soluble fertilizer as well. Both have a higher nitrogen percentage, which is needed for our nitrogen depleted soil. There’s only so much the new garden soil can contribute. My daughter used the tomato and vegetable one, with a watering can to mix it in, and did the front garden beds, except the potatoes. I did the potatoes using the hose with the fertilizer attachment on it, before moving on to the garden beds on the north side of the house. I particularly wanted to make sure the corn, squash and gourds got a good feeding, but everything got at least a little bit of fertilizer. We even have some left over to do it again in a couple of weeks.

Today was also a day of critters, including some surprises, but that will be for my next post. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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