I’m to sexy… for this heat!

I could not resist getting a picture of David the Magnificent!

It’s good thing we hardly ever use the microwave. This is the only counter in the kitchen the cats are allowed to climb on, and they love looking out that window! Cheddar, in particular, likes to lie here, taking up the whole spot, with his chin on the windowsill, like it’s a pillow. Today, David has claimed the prime spot! 😀

David must be just dying in this heat, but he will not let us brush him! We’ve been managing to cut away the fur clumps we find. Mostly. It’s hard to get at the ones in his armpits. He keeps moving!

This morning, I saw another furry beast that I haven’t in a while.

Creamscicle Baby is back! He’s been away for a few days. He and Junk Pile (David’s sister) were very happy to see each other. 🙂

She’s like, “look who’s here!”

He was clearly very hungry, but he just wouldn’t stop rubbing up against Junk Pile. 🙂

Even while they were both eating, he’d rub up against her, eating at the same time, to the point of pushing her away from eating, too!

Too bad he won’t let us pet him anymore, and Junk Pile never has. 😦

The only down side is that Creamscicle Baby has been pretty aggressive with his brother, Nutmeg, of late. Not just play wrestling, like they used to, but all out fights.

Ah, well. Nothing we can do about that, but break them up with a spritz from the hose.

The Re-Farmer

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