We have a second well… sort of

Today, I finally had a chance to move my dad’s old welder aside, so I could access and test the well in the old pump shack.

Do I want to know why there is apart of a toilet seat there?

No. No, I do not.

I moved a few more things around, then set the old cream can under the pump’s spout, just in case I actually got water flowing.

I took an accidental picture while pumping the handle. I thought it looked very dramatic, so I kept it! 😀

We got water!!!

Sort of.

This well was here before my parents bought the property, and it is a design that does not need to be primed. After much pumping, I was able to get water flowing, but if I so much as slowed down, the water would stop and I would have to start pumping hard, all over again. Which meant I wasn’t able to get a photo of actual water flowing from the spout. 😀

On the one hand, this is very encouraging. If something ever happened to our well, we will still have access to water. We should get the water flowing more to clear it out a bit, and then just get it going regularly. There is a problem, though, and you can see part of it in the above photo.

The pump is not fixed. It’s just sitting on top of the pipe. It actually rotated while I was pumping!!

When I was a kid, we had a different pump completely. It had a sort of frame around it, supporting the mechanical pump mechanism, which was run with electricity. If the power went out, we could attach a handle and pump it manually.

I don’t know when or why the old pump was removed, and I am flabbergasted that this manual pump was hooked up, without some sort of base to attach it to, so it won’t move.

My brother tells me there are repairs to the well pipe needed. I suspect that getting that done would result in it becoming much easier to pump water.

It would be worth getting that done. I would also like to set up the electric/manual system we had before, too. We still have the attachment for the spout of the pump that we used to divert water out a hole in the wall, to a water trough for the cattle outside.

Being able to use electricity to pump the water would make life easier in general, but if I had to choose only one, I would go with a manual pump over electric, as this would be a back up source of water should we ever lose power.

The Re-Farmer

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