Got it done!

We’re having some pretty hot and humid days of late. Not heat like we’ve been having all summer, thankfully, but more “average for August” hot. Though it didn’t rain last night, when I came out to do my morning rounds, the dew was so heavy, I would have though we’d had some, had everything else not been completely dry.

The squash and gourds are certainly enjoying the moist heat!

The Ozark Nest Egg gourd plants are busily climbing the fence and blooming – and completely dwarfing the Thai Bottle gourd plants (on the left).

One of the flowers even made its way through the chicken wire critter barrier! šŸ˜€

So far, they all appear to be male flowers. No gourds forming, though it’s possible there are some hidden under the leaves. I won’t mess with the chicken wire to look.

Thanks to all the wonderful rain we’ve had, the grass is actually green and growing again, and in need of a mow. It took hours for the grass to dry enough for that to be an option, which meant mowing during the hottest part of the day.

Or it would have been, had the battery on the riding mower not been dead! It’s only been used once this year, and I had to charge it then, too.

With the time it took to charge the battery, it was actually starting to cool down, so I guess that was a good thing! I took advantage of it and was able to do both the inner and outer yards, including areas I did not more the one other time this year we mowed. I kept doing as long as the light held, and managed to get it done just before it was full dark, though the yard light had turned on well before I finished. I was even able to mow in front of the storage shed. Which means that, weather willing, in the next day or two, we’ll have lots of grass clippings to rake up and set aside for the garden.

By the time I finally came inside, it was 9pm, but it was worth it! šŸ™‚

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “Got it done!

  1. For some reason this post reminded me of my disappearing mini pumpkins. I only ever saw 2 small gourds and each disappeared, presumably due to skunk or opossum. The raccoons are too finicky to eat healthy food.

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