Our 2021 garden; pixies and our grape harvest

The girls joined me for the evening rounds last night, and my daughter found a ripe Pixie melon!

I had checked them in the morning, and none were coming loose from their stems, but by the end of the day, one of them finally did. 🙂 It isn’t even the biggest one that has a hammock to support it. Hopefully, this means the other Pixie melons were ripen soon. While we did pick one Pixie melon to taste test, it was still under ripe (still delicious, though!), which makes this the very first ripe Pixie we have picked.

Meanwhile, this morning, I finally picked grapes. Here is our harvest for this year.

Yup. That’s it. About a week ago, I did find another cluster with a whole three grapes on it, and I ate them.

This year, we will cover and insulate the grapes for the winter. These are supposed to be hardy to our zone, as far as I know without knowing the exact variety they are. However, even the hardy ones have a hard time things like month-long polar vortexes. Not even that one cold night in May that left us with no berries and almost no crab apples could be blamed for the lack of grapes. It took these so long to start budding, I feared the polar vortex had killed them off.

The Re-Farmer

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