Polite little kittens

The very first thing I do when I head outside for my morning rounds is to feed the yard cats, then the birds.

The yard kittens have all now come to expect it.

They are getting increasingly brave about NOT running away when I go back and forth from the sun room. The tuxedo almost went into the kibble house while I was pouring out food inside. (I believe the one on the cat house roof is Junk Pile’s little tabby that looks like Bradicous and Chadicous.)

The problem is, when one of them gets startled and dashes off, it startles the rest of them, and there is an explosion of kittens, running in all directions! 😀

When I took this photo, one bunch had returned and were eating at the kibble tray on the ground outside the kibble house, while this bunch patiently waited for me to move on!

Nosencrantz and Toesencrantz, meanwhile, where with their mom at their own private dining area under the shrine. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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