Kitty noses

Would you look at this adorable face!

Yes, Nosencrantz allowed me to pet her again this morning! She still won’t let me walk up to her to pet her, but only lets me pet her at the food tray, but she doesn’t quite run away, either.

Elevator butt. 😀

Gosh, she looks so much like Nicky the Nose! There is certainly no question as to who her daddy is. 😀

I also got to touch a nose this morning. Or should I saw, a nose touched me! While putting food into the kibble house, the tuxedo had come over, started to run away, then came back. I reached out a hand and he sniffed my fingers, booping himself in the nose in the process!


The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Kitty noses

  1. LBK warmed up to me in the exact same process as Nosencratz. She eventually became tame enough to move indoors for awhile. She lives outside now (her choice) but still runs to me and cries for petting. I hope you get there with this Nose!!

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