Morning Fur Babies

Every now and then, I’ll walk into the bathroom and find the sink looking back at me.

While there are several cats that like to drink from the tap, David likes to sleep in the sink.

Is that the most adorable face, or what? What a sweetie!!

The outside cats were in full cuteness mode, too!

Also, I have been able to confirm that Tuxedo Mask is, indeed, a male. I was able to confirm one of the ‘icouses, too, but I’m not sure which one it was. It wasn’t Bradicous, with his (her?) distinctive white tail tip, and it wasn’t the one ‘icous that has mostly white hind legs. That’s the one next to Junk Pile in the kibble tray on the far right, inside the kibble house. The others can be told apart mostly from their faces, and… well… it wasn’t the face I was seeing at the time! 😉

It was a very wet morning, but I’m hoping things will dry up this afternoon. The weather forecasts have changed, and it looks like we’ve got just today and tomorrow to get work done before we start getting rain and snow over the next several days.

Time to get at it, as much as we can!

The Re-Farmer

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