Look who’s back again!

Well, we’ve been having all sorts of yard cats that have been away for a while, coming back again!

When the girls popped outside for a bit, they discovered Creamsicle Baby was back.

He even brought his brother, Nutmeg, with him. 🙂 Creamsicle is looking thin and hungry, but last night he seemed to be more hungry for human attention than anything else! He just couldn’t not get enough pets and cuddles. The kittens weren’t too sure what to make of him. I know they’ve seen him before, but it’s been a while. Tuxedo Mask in particular was following him around with great curiosity.

Best of all, Creamsicle Baby was still here in the morning!

My goodness, the cats were just all over the place, while we were feeding them!

I don’t think I’ve seen so many of them trying to fit around the one tray under the shrine, either. 😀

After we were done with the outside stuff, my younger daughter and I made what I hope will be the last city trip this month. After this, I have only a court date at the end of the week at the smaller city, and after that, I should be done with anything but local trips. This trip was mostly for stuff the girls needed, but it gave me a chance to get a few last items for the pantry or freezer. Then, on the way home, we were able to stop at the mail and pick up the big box of tea my older daughter ordered!

Among the things I picked up today was juice to use once our ginger bug is ready. Between the home made, fermented pop and the tea, we’ll be well set for non-water beverages to enjoy over the winter. I also picked up some extra milk so I can try making the soda cheese my mother used to make that I finally got her instructions for. Her instructions were for 5 gallons of milk, though, and I only got 1 extra gallon, so I’ll have to adjust the ratios! After I double check with her that she actually meant to say “gallons” and not “liters”.

We are still having mild temperatures, even though we did actually get a bit of snow.

There was just enough that it was still around to see on things like the roof of the cat’s house, but not on the ground. We’ll have a couple of days just above freezing, then we’re supposed to warm up again. We’ve still got stuff to do outside before the ground freezes, but on the colder days, I am hoping we can start doing a whole lot of baking, in quantities sufficient to add to the freezer.

As long as the weather holds, we’re going to be very busy!

The Re-Farmer

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