More garden clean up

With today looking to be our last warm day before winter, we wanted to get as much done outside as we could. This time, our focus was on the pea trellises, as they will be used again next year.

This is how it looked before we started. My older daughter isn’t working on commissions for the weekend, so she was able to come out and help, while her sister did bread baking.

I hate to think how long it would have taken me, if I didn’t have the help! My goodness, there were a lot of roots to dig up!

It took us a couple of hours, but we got it done! There was one five foot section that was so filled with crab grass and creeping charlie, it took me longer to do that one spot than it did to do several other sections, together!

Later, we will cover all the beds with a straw mulch.

It was so pleasant to be working outside. The high predicted for today was 8C/46F on one app, or 12C/54F on another. By the time we came inside, the temperature had reached 15C/59F! In fact, the last few days all turned out at least a few degrees warming that predicted. If that keeps up, it’ll make continuing the work over the next couple of days much more pleasant. Tomorrow is supposed to be a very decent 9C/48F, then a couple of days at 8C/47F, all with overnight lows above freezing, before things are supposed to get colder. There is much work to do, as long as the weather holds, and cooler weather is just fine when doing manual labour. The more we can get done now, the less we have to do in the spring!

Speaking of which, my first seed order should arrive by the end of the week, and I’m just itching to make my next order, in next month’s budget! Hopefully, by then, inventory for 2022 will start to become available, and I won’t be seeing so many “sold out” notices.

The Re-Farmer

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