Too cute!

It was pretty nippy this morning, with the temperatures dropped down to -26C/-15F. Thankfully, with no wind chill! That’s the coldest we’ve had this winter so far (and yes, I know; technically, we’re still fall), and the coldest we will be for the next few weeks, at least. As I write this, my desktop tells me we are at -22C/-8F with a wind chill of -30C/-22F, but my phone’s app tells me we are at -20C/-4F with a wind chill of -23C/-9F. My phone app seems to be the more accurate one.

With the cold, I did a short version of my rounds, mostly just making sure the critters had fresh food and warm water. My older daughter assisted with giving Tuxedo Mask his eye drops, then stayed with him to make sure he didn’t get out, as I had to go in and out of the sun room. It got cold enough that his water bowl actually froze! My daughter put some pieces of rigid insulation on the concrete floor in a few strategic places.

We also decided to allow Agnoos into the sun room to keep Tuxedo Mask company. They are brothers from the same litter and get along, and Agnoos already allows us to pick him up and cuddle him, so he was the least disruptive choice.

I just spotted this, outside our bathroom window.

They are just smooshed together, on top of the board the ceramic heater bulb is mounted to! Something out there sure has their attention!

I’m glad we brought Agnoos in. 😀

The Re-Farmer

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