Wind chill

Oh, I am extra glad we don’t need to go anywhere, tomorrow!

The -21C is not too big of a deal.

The wind chill at -35C is a whole different story!!

That’s -6F with a wind chill of -31F, for those of you in the US.

On the plus side, tomorrow’s predicted high is now -17C/1F tomorrow, which is a few degrees warmer than previously forecast. Looks like the cold swept in faster than expected.

By Thursday, we are supposed to warm up to -1C/30F.

It’s like temperature whiplash!

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Wind chill

  1. Brrrrr! So cold. I’m very fortunate, we had a potential snow scare, so everyone emptied the store shelves of bread and milk, but it was just a false alarm. I’m at sea level and it turns out the snow is going to stay in the mountains where it belongs, at least for now. Stay warm!

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    • Thanks!

      What is it about people, that they resort to panic buying like that? You’d think, by now at least, people with the money to panic buy would have tried stocking up at least a little bit. :-/


  2. Yeah.. uh no.. I’d be a peoplesicle. I’m complaining enough with what we have and its nowhere near that cold. People panic buy here the moment the weather people say maybe slightly potential s….

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