Potted David

Who can resist that face?

He fits so perfectly in that plant stand!

The Re-Farmer

10 thoughts on “Potted David

      • It has been so amazing with the strays and wandering pets, when the kittens show up here. It is obvious that somewhere there is or at least was a Maine Coon. The kittens would get so big and fluffy. It seems that the genetics is weakening as I haven’t seen one that large in a while. Fluffy though is always adorable.

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      • Cat genetics is fascinating. When I was a kid, all our barn cats were a cream colour – which I now know is really rare! When we moved here, most of the cats were orange tabbies. Then suddenly, tuxedos and calicos kittens showed up – but only David is a long hair! Well. Except for the new cat that showed up a few weeks ago. 😀

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      • For a while we were seeing the Maine Coons near my brother’s place. Scary when you first see them because they were huge. They haven’t been seen in a couple years now but every once in a while there will be a sign of their having been. The sad thing about here is that when the cats wander, they are at risk of all the predators in the woods. Earlier this year we had eleven cats out back. Now there is four. Circle of life I guess.

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      • They are MASSIVE cats! A neighbor of ours, before we moved here, had one in her apartment. Such a beautiful creature. When it comes to fetal cats, they, at least, would have a better chance at survival. I think even our coyotes would think twice before going for a Maine Coon!!

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