Our 2022 garden: Heritage Seeds, second order in!


We dropped from 0C/32F yesterday, to -16C/3F today – with a wind chill of -27C/-16F! I did NOT want to do a dump run today, that’s for sure, but we weren’t able to get it done on Saturday, since that’s when my awesome brother came over to mount our Starlink dish on the roof. So today, it was!

Since we were out anyhow, we swung by the post office. I am expecting my Baker Creek order in tomorrow, but I still got seeds, today! My second order from Heritage Seeds was in! That was really fast. šŸ˜€ You can read about our first order, here, and our second order here.

There was an extra packet of seeds in there – and this time, I noticed the “free gift” sticker. I went back to our first order and, sure enough, the extra packet of seeds we’d found last time did have the sticker, too. I just missed it entirely!

Of course, I had to look up what it was they sent us! This is their description for “Gold Ball Turnip”.

Gold Ball Turnip (1854) (aka Orange Jelly)

Introduced around 1854, this wonderful heirloom turnip has yellow fine grained flesh and reaches peak flavor when harvested at 3ā€ although the yellow globes will reach 4-5ā€ at maturity. Great storage variety. One of the best tasting turnips. (45 days to maturity) 


I like the “orange jelly” name!

I had been considering turnips as a good storage vegetable. It’s not something we normally buy, but not because we don’t like it. We just like other things better, and I usually get rutabagas instead, because they tend to be smaller. However, no grocery store carries this turnip variety! I look forward to trying them. It certainly meets what we look for when deciding what to grow.

This order coming in was just the thing I needed to cheer me up on a chilly day!

The Re-Farmer

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