Enjoy it while it lasts!

We are having another mild and foggy day, and the kitties were out in full force!

I think I counted 19 in total, out of the 20 that are now regulars. I even got to pet the Distinguished Guest again. Earlier, before I headed outside, I spotted her by the bird feeder. The suet cage had fallen to the ground, and she was trying to get at the suet!

Tuxedo Mask is looking great. In fact, all of the outside cats seem to be doing very well right now.

Butterscotch followed me around while I was doing my rounds, really wanting to be picked up!

They had better enjoy the mild temperatures while they can. Today is supposed to be the last really mild day. At 0C/32F, we’re already warmer than forecast, but starting tomorrow, we are supposed to drop and stay between -10C/13F and -20C/-4F for as far as the long range forecast shows.

As for the inside cats, we still have a few sick ones that are learning to enjoy being in the steamy bathroom while we take our showers. Except Beep Beep. She does not like being closed up in such a small space at all! The rest tend to stay, long after the door is open again.

Keith seems to be doing well. Still not much appetite, but he’s been pretty quiet. No more throwing up, and except for a few spells, his breathing is quiet. We can tell he’s still not feeling too good, though, because he hides away. Currently, he’s under the couch. It took my daughters a while to find him! Usually, he’s in the bed we set up in the corner of my closet. I’m hoping this means the anti-biotics are working, and that he does NOT have heart worms!

We shall see.

The Re-Farmer

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