Winter wonderland. Yeah. That’s it!

Oh, my goodness, am I even more thankful our neighbour happened by and cleared our driveway for us a couple of days ago!

Because having this, on top of what was there before, would have been much harder to clear away with little Spewie! LOL

Yes, that’s our plowed driveway. Not even the deer have been going around.

We had blowing snow all night, and from how high it was on my boots, I’d say we got about 4 or 5 inches of new snow. Light and fluffy stuff, though, so easy to shovel. My husband had gone out to give food and water to the outside cats earlier. It had warmed up to -12C/10F, but by the time I went out, it had cooled down to -15C/5F, and as I write this, it has dropped to -16C/3F with a wind chill of -26C/-15F. The wind is now from the north west, though, so we’re pretty sheltered from it.

With the high winds we had blowing snow all night, I am seriously considering skipping our dump run today. It doesn’t look the like roads have been plowed yet. I had to get to the door at the back of the garage and found myself trudging through snow that was knee deep. I shoveled some of the paths, and either the girls or I will head out later to do the rest.

We’re supposed to get cold again for the next couple of days, then scream up to -5C/23F (or -8C/18F, depending on which app I’m looking at) on Tuesday. Even the gravel roads should be cleared by then, and that’s when the dump is open next. Maybe we will wait, since we also have to pick up packages at the post office.

Frankly, I’d much rather shovel snow then go out anywhere, anyhow!

The Re-Farmer

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