We timed that right!

Helping my mother with her errands turned out to be timed just right. Chilly as it was, there was almost no wind, making it pretty easy to handle.

Not today!

I took this screen cap shortly after noon, and we were still at -31C/-24F. I somehow doubt we’ll reach the high that is in the forecast! The wind chill, at least, had improved from -41C/-42F to -38C/-36F. The problem is, the wind is coming from the southeast, where we have almost no protection from the wind at all.

Today was our day to do the meter reading. The meter is mounted fairly high on the pole, and I’m short, so what I do is take several photos and hopefully have something I can read once I’m at my computer and can submit the reading. Since I was taking pictures, I wore my fingerless gloves. I couldn’t believe how fast my fingertips started hurting from the cold wind! It’s always a surprise, no matter how many times I’ve had it happen. I’ve done this on colder days, but with no wind, it doesn’t happen anywhere near as fast as on a day like today.

Right now, we have two weather alerts; the snowfall warning, and an extreme cold warning.

And yet…

… in less than a week, we are expected to reach -4C/25F!! At that temperature, some things can actually start melting.

The outside cats will, I’m sure, enjoy it! Today, as I first opened the door to put out the kibble, Agnoos slipped into the sun room and did NOT want to come out again! As I was finishing up, Nosencrantz dashed in, too.

Gotta love Chadicous rolling in the snow, there. He is constantly doing that!

Usually right in front of my feet. 😀

If the forecast is accurate, tomorrow we should reach a much more pleasant -15C/4F. It’s Saturday, so the dump is open and we’ll finally be able to do that. We’ve had garbage and recycling bags already in the van for a few days. At least they’re frozen, so there won’t be a smell.

As for today, we finally have a day where we can just stay home!

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “We timed that right!

    • The windows are frosted over. Once in a while, we can see a cat if it’s RIGHT at the window. LOL

      Once it’s safe to do so, the girls and I will need to open it up and check on that terrarium bulb. I’m not seeing the melted patch on the roof above it like we usually do. Either it’s been too cold for that to happen, or it’s not working anymore. I still see the red light that shows the timer’s light sensor has turned it on, so I know that part is working. Still, even without the heat bulb, the shelter is much warmer. I also see the cats are using the space under the storage house a lot, too.

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