We’re getting warmer. Honest!

I delayed heading outside to do my morning rounds, to warm up a bit before having the outside cats come out of their shelters for kibble.

I finally gave up and just headed out, because I knew they would be hungry. I was inside for a while before I took the above screencap. Yup. Almost noon, and we were still at -28C/-18F with a wind chill of -38C/-36F The wind was from the south west, though, not the south east, so the yard was protected.

I didn’t see as many of them this morning, and there was even kibble still in the tray under the shrine, from being topped up yesterday evening, so they were not too hungry. πŸ™‚

The Distinguished Guest is looking rather disheveled! She could use a good brushing. Not that we’d be able to. She lets me pet her while at the kibble house, but that’s as far as it goes. Mind you, that’s still more than we get with most of the outside cats that were born here!

Chadicous was quite happy to get some loving!

Such a handsome boy!

Once inside and putting a kettle on, I saw a flash of movement through the dining room window.

These two had come bounding through the yard to the feeding station! They looked so very excited. πŸ˜€ It’s funny that they come running, and these same two deer come back several times a day, for that little bit of feed I put out. Especially since we’ve got chickadees, Blue Jays, Pine Grossbeaks and probably squirrels, going at it, too.

The good news is, we will keep warming up through to tomorrow.

They’re again telling us we’ll hit -4C/25F – the forecast changes frequently, of course – and we’re supposed to stay warmer than -20C/-4F for about a week. Even after that, we’re supposed to be just a degree or two colder, for the rest of the month.

I’m sure the critters will be enjoying that!

The Re-Farmer

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