Will you play with me?

I was returning to the house at the end of my morning rounds, when I found we had a visitor!

My brother’s dog had come by, and he really wanted to play with the kitties!

Nosencrantz set him straight with a half-hearted swap to the nose, while all the other cats stayed away. šŸ˜€

My brother’s dog wasn’t the only visitor. When I first came out with the kibble, I startled a deer that was in the south yard. It bounded through the snow a bit, then stopped to watch me for a while. Later, there were two of them that ran off as I went to empty the kitchen compost onto the heap.

They are so pretty!

As for out cats, we have still been trying to adopt out as many as I can, with no success. This morning… well, let’s just say I’m quite frustrated, but I’ll save that rant for my next post!

The Re-Farmer

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